de lage tafelschaal


Dimension bowl: h 7 cm / Ø 24 cm

Dimension candelstick: h 5 cm

Dimension total: h 12 cm / Ø 24 cm

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‘de lage tafelschaal’ from K’willeminhuis is multifunctional. With a special holder for a candle, this bowl can also serve as a stylish candle holder. In addition, the bowl is perfectly suitable as a snack bowl. Prickers can then be placed in the holder.
A collection of three table bowls sold separately, but also perfect as a set together and combine beautifully with our candle holders.
The height of the bowl is 7 cm and the candle holder is 5 cm. The total height of the low table bowl is 12 cm.

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de lage tafelschaal
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