K’willem in huis

Literally! Because today I will be setting up my new home office space. This week the desk and office chair arrived. Because I still had a sturdy black cabinet in the shed, which again I couldn’t part with, I opted for black furniture. The office is separated from the room, so I thought it would be nice to decorate it differently from the rest of the ground floor.

A home office was not really my intention. I had forgotten to register our youngest son Brett for vacation care. With 4 weeks to go before the vacations, there were already huge waiting lists. So there was little chance that he would be able to go.
The play corner had become a place to hang out with the ipad. Because 11 years old, puberty kicks in. And of course the playroom was a walhalla for the nephews and nieces who all visit regularly. That will be another kitchen table full of crafts and Playmobil, because this room is now for me haha!

The nice thing about the workspace is that it is a lovely room with 2 large windows. So I can go wild in terms of styling! No more dino or truck in the window frame but all the beautiful home accessories of K’willem. A kind of mini window display! What will definitely be there are of course the different candle holders: the round candle holder, the thin candle holders and the mini candle holder for the pencil candles. In between I put the mini vases with different grasses and dried flowers.

I love placing multiple home accessories together.It gives peace and space.By working with different types of candlesticks and height differences, it makes it a little more playful. For my workspace I now choose only black candlesticks.That makes it one with the black furniture.

When everything is ready I will definitely share pictures on our Instagram – and Pinterest pages.Are you already following us there?Have a great weekend!
Love jolanda