K’wil springtime at home

Odyvet sent this beautiful photo of our flower distributor with the blossom branches. As a ‘born Betuwe’, these branches always make me very happy. When the fruit trees at our house are pruned, I am always gone. I cannot bear to see, every year, the pruning shears going in rigorously haha. Of course, the week after pruning, my whole house is full of the beautiful branches that are then allowed to take their moment in the living room.

Spring seems further away than ever now. So tomorrow I will make a trip to the florist to get a nice bunch of blossom branches, so we will have a bit of spring in the house after all!
After Christmas, I always want the house to be as empty as possible. But with a few weeks, I still want more and more greenery in the house, a few pretty branches or special flowers and another fresh big plant. That always gives me a ‘home’ feeling again, lovely!
I divide the blossom branches nicely in the vase with our bloemverdeler. For the plants I always use t’ tafeltje, I notice that the plants don’t like standing on the warm floor (heating). By placing them a bit higher, they stay nice longer and the whole thing looks more playful because not everything is at one height. Size s is 30 cm high, which is my personal favourite for large plants.

Do you also have one of those lovely pictures of our items? I really enjoy seeing them and sharing them with others for even more inspiration!

With love Jolanda