K’willem NOWW

We’re really past summer now. I don’t know if I am ready for autumn and winter yet. The long evenings do make me enjoy all the candelabras, beautiful candles and cosiness in my house again. For K’willeminhuis, it’s hard work right now. We are already preparing for the festive season and we are in the middle of preparations for the NOWW Event in Echt on 17 November.

Last year, the NOWW Event was my first moment, after taking over K’willeminhuis, to meet everyone. And you may well know: I was pretty stressed about that. Setting up our stand, running such an event. I did spend some nights fretting about it. I was also going to meet several people I had only spoken to by phone and online and whom I admired (and still admire) immensely.

When the big day arrived, I set off for Echt in my Caddy, excited but also a bit tense. After unpacking my van, the biggest challenge came: styling the tables. That was quite different from designing, setting a production in motion in the workshop or styling for photography, for instance. Tears streamed down my cheeks because of the fatigue and the pressure to show our beautiful items to all visitors as well as possible.

Luckily, there were the girls from the NOWW Event. An arm around me, a big hug and help styling the tables. Together we made something beautiful and I could breathe a sigh of relief. This makes the NOWW Event more than just beautiful stuff in a beautiful location. The event is organised by strong women who, with passion and enthusiasm, create something they believe in!  Professionals who really make a difference.

As I stood looking at my stand, tired but satisfied, I actually met the first influencer ‘in the wild’. I only knew her from the apps and DMs and looked up to her enormously. But how nice and cozy it was. Influencers also turn out to be really sweet girls. So sweet to hear that they care about K’willeminhuis and our people. That’s why they love to show our brand to their audience. What valuable meetings they were. We are still in regular contact, how nice is that!

The NOWW Event is already in a week, I can’t wait to pack my van and meet everyone again in Echt! In the workshop, they also made several items especially for this event. It’s great fun to see what great things come out of making something from scratch. Who knows, maybe there will be a keeper among them. I love this process!

Don’t have a card yet? Then look here quickly because some timeslots are already full. You really want to be at this. https://www.universe.com/events/noww-event-fw23-tickets-62RK0Q

NOWW… I hope to see you there!

With love Jolanda